Virus Bulletin

  • At VB2018 in Montreal, Ixia researcher Stefan Tanase presented a thought-provoking paper on the current state of the Internet and the worrying tendency towards raising borders and restricting the flow of information. Today we publish both his paper and the recording of his presentation. Read more

  • The set-up of the VBSpam test lab gives us a unique insight into the kinds of emails that are more likely to bypass email filters. This week we look at the malspam that was missed: banking and email phishing, Emotet and Bushaloader. Read more

  • The cybersecurity skills gap has been described as one of the biggest challenges facing IT leaders today. At VB2018 in Montreal, ESET's Lysa Myers outlined some of the things the industry can do to help address the problem. Today we publish Lysa's paper and the recording of her presentation. Read more

  • We look forward the Nullcon 2019 conference in Goa, India, at which VB Editor Martijn Grooten will give a talk on the state of malware. Read more

IT Managed Service Contracts

What are they?

An IT Managed Service contract provided by CN IT Solutions allows you to have access to a dedicated IT helpdesk and support team, without the need to employ qualified IT staff (a saving of between £18-25k). You pay one price (payble yearly or monthly) for unlimited IT support on a fixed term contract for either 12, 18 or 24 months, which is fully supported by a detailed service level agreement.


Key features 



  • IT expertise, guidance, support from Microsoft Certified System Administrators on Windows, Linux and UNIX.
  • Help and advice with email,Internet and “How do I do this?” queries
  • Access to IT procurement at a discounted rate via our many partner suppliers.
  • Updates on new technology and potential upgrades/refreshes.
  • Hardware Upgrade advice (discounted procurement)


Typical Charges

An IT Managed Service contract for a small to meduim size business is cheaper than you think! Support packages can start from as little as £85 *per month and you can pay by direct debit, spreading the cost of the support for IT across the year.

 (* 2 desktops, 1 laptop, Router/Network and Storage Device).